As a child I used to love jumping into puddles with both feet – you remember that don’t you? seeing a puddle, running and SPLASH! Well, that’s what I’m doing now taking a run up and jumping in with both feet and creating a blog! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and didn’t think I’d have the courage to…..until recently when a lovely lady actually said to me “well why don’t you?”. So, here goes… a blog about my life in France, past and present, tears and laughter included.

We’ve been in the Pays de La Loire for 15 years now. That’s me, hubby Brian, daughter Amy and Mum Wendy. It’s been an adventure – it still is an adventure. We started with a mini “farm”, it wasn’t planned that way but with our love for animals, it kind of took its own path. You’ll read more about the animals along the way.

Why today? well, I don’t like procrastinators and that is exactly what I was doing. Also, I had such a bad night’s sleep my head was going around in circles about what I could write in a blog so it was there when I eventually woke up….just write it!

So, as my first post in my blog, I’d like to say thank you to the people who are in my life. There is a quote I read the other day that said ” Tomorrow is never promised, so today I am letting all my family and friends know how thankful I am that they are in my life

You all know who you are……….

I’m gonna sign off for now, I have work to do but I hope this takes off…watch this space 🙂


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