Lost & Found

Have you ever got to a point in your life where you’ve felt a little bit lost? I mean lost as in what am I doing? Where am I going in life? What shall I do next? Am I in the right place for this time of my life? Have I got it right so far?

I’ve always been one who worried (notice past tense) about what people thought, how I should live my life according to others. Not intentionally. Moving to France and not having a job dented me a little too. ( I have always worked) I felt I had forgotten to be me. I tried to be self employed but I didn’t enjoy it and thereby lost all the self confidence I used to have. A lot of tears and mixed emotions occurred during this time and I wasn’t sure how to fix it.

I think the turning point was my big birthday last year along with the sudden passing of my sister-in-law ( big shock to all, she was far too young). Why was I living with all that worry? Life’s too short and there’s only one person who can turn things around and that’s me.

I applied for a job last September to clean two large gรฎte properties. (I do have a couple of little holiday homes I look after but they’re not busy all the time). They’re gรฎtes with a bit of luxury… swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym. It’s been a better year for me because I have enjoyed going out to work and being myself. So much so, it’s progressed a bit where I now assist with the Admin and help come up with ideas for when it’s quiet on the rental side. I’ve managed to find my admin head again along with my telephone voice and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Feel I found myself again. That’s why my blog has been quiet..planning a Salon du Mariage – Wedding Fayre this Sunday. It’s been a mixture of highs and lows..a challenge too organising with the French…not the easiest of breeds to organise ๐Ÿ™‚

For now I have found me again ๐Ÿ˜Š




So……..the long version or the short …I’m not gonna bore you so I’ll go for the in between!

Daughter decided that she was going to go off to Le Mans and leave the helpless little kitten with us after we were unable to find her a home (kitten that is..not the daughter!) So a heated discussion occurred but daughter did leave with the said kitten. I heard no more until the day after when I bumped into Amanda, who has a big heart and is as soft as me! She told me that Amy had called her and told her of her plight. Amanda said she had seen my Facebook post re a kitten looking for a home, but thought “No! No more animals – keep scrolling!”

Well, scrolling didn’t work, did it? Amy managed to work her charm on Amanda and so now I can introduce you to ……….ready for this? ……Freemouse Salad Sox Tinkerbelle ๐Ÿ™‚ Sox for short ๐Ÿ™‚ God bless her – she has moved in with two beautiful dogs, Millie and Banjo – all doing well on the last update.

So this a BIG thank you to our big-hearted friend – thank you for helping Sox and thank you for listening to Amy’s plight; we hope that young Sox continues to enjoy her happy home!

#kitten #lovemypets #bigheart

The Animals

I thought it might be a while before I did the introductions on the animals, but my hand has been forced!

We’ve always been a family of animal lovers. When I was 13 I was given a gorgeous white kitten for my birthday and he was deaf. Lucky was a very poorly kitty but with lots of love and attention (and Mum sitting with him all night) he made it to the grand old age of 16! From then on I guess I was hooked.

There have been numerous members of our furry family – all of them left us blessed to have them in our lives…Dweeb – The English Bull Terrier, Buster – The Staff, Cassie – The Rotty, Lulu – The Jack Russell…Marmalade & Belle the cats…to name a few. There’ll be many stories on them later.

To bring you up to present day, before I digress too much, we currently have Mitzy (nearly 7) she’s Lulu’s daughter, Bella (we rescued here in France last year – think she’s about 21 months)) they believe she’s a cross with an English Bull Terrier and Rhodesian Ridgeback and Skittles the cat (13).




Mitzy and Bella are best pals.ย  Although Mitzy can be quite a cantankerous old mare if she wants to be, Bella is soft and docile and loves her friend and her home. Skittles is an old man but he’s a scrapper. Every night he stays out, and almost every day he has a new nick in his neck, ear or fur missing. I’m guessing he’s either defending his territory or he’s just a bully! Either way, he’s set in his ways. Loves a cuddle every morning and sleeps all day.

So, yesterday evening the daughter came home with a sad story. She works on a farm and a cat had abandoned its kittens – you know what’s coming, don’t you?ย  She didn’t call and explain, she just turned up at 7.30pm and said her boss was going to kill it and its 3 siblings (sympathetic farmer that he is). She’d found homes for the 3 siblings but was left with the one. Amy is as soft as me and has always loved animals, so I couldn’t really blame her but you can imagine the chaos that ensued.

Mitzy heard the tiny meow and wanted to eat it and then just kept pestering to get at it – even when she was shut out of the room. Bella thought it was ok and wanted to wash it and Skittles hissed and jumped and ran!ย  I did all the introduce slowly stuff but no…not in our house. Fair enough, my animals are set in their ways and can’t work it out. I’m going to add a picture here – and if you’re as soft as me, you’ll look away ๐Ÿ™‚


So, last night I was torn about whether or not to keep it and persevere but if any of you have seen my Facebook you will see my head took over my heart! She needs to be found a home………. until next time ๐Ÿ™‚




As a child I used to love jumping into puddles with both feet – you remember that don’t you? seeing a puddle, running and SPLASH! Well, that’s what I’m doing now taking a run up and jumping in with both feet and creating a blog! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and didn’t think I’d have the courage to…..until recently when a lovely lady actually said to me “well why don’t you?”. So, here goes… a blog about my life in France, past and present, tears and laughter included.

We’ve been in the Pays de La Loire for 15 years now. That’s me, hubby Brian, daughter Amy and Mum Wendy. It’s been an adventure – it still is an adventure. We started with a mini “farm”, it wasn’t planned that way but with our love for animals, it kind of took its own path. You’ll read more about the animals along the way.

Why today? well, I don’t like procrastinators and that is exactly what I was doing. Also, I had such a bad night’s sleep my head was going around in circles about what I could write in a blog so it was there when I eventually woke up….just write it!

So, as my first post in my blog, I’d like to say thank you to the people who are in my life. There is a quote I read the other day that said ” Tomorrow is never promised, so today I am letting all my family and friends know how thankful I am that they are in my life

You all know who you are……….

I’m gonna sign off for now, I have work to do but I hope this takes off…watch this space ๐Ÿ™‚