C’est Bizarre!

C’est  Bizarre ! I have learned over the many years here in France that this is a phrase they use for most things unexplained, daft or otherwise – I have a story to tell you 🙂

Yesterday I went to visit a friend and to help her sort out some paperwork. Now, as usual, when I visit this particular friend, nothing ever goes smoothly! She won’t mind me saying it either! We have loads of stories to tell you that’ll make you laugh and shout “incroyable” but we’ll save them for another day 🙂

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Photo by Aleksandar Cvetanović on Pexels.com

So, there we are….Me on the telephone yabbering away in French to help sort this problem and we’re awaiting the arrival of a French Artisan to look at her heating system when a French guy turns up at the door. All smiles, She opens the door and says in French “you’re here for the heating?” “No,” he says, “I’m here to look at the car you have for sale!”


OK? I hear you ask, so what’s the problem there? Well, she hasn’t advertised her car for sale, but it has been sitting there a while and she was thinking of advertising it!  Hence, the conversation and inspection of the said car. Nothing abnormal there then I guess?

No, you’re correct in your thinking – the nice Frenchman then progressed to say how polite we were and that he was very happy to make our acquaintance. Hmm, smarmy Frenchman you’re all thinking! Was he trying to get a better price? Nope. He seemed pretty genuine. He was chatting away about how some French people take advantage of the English but that was not his intention and he complimented us on our French. He was happy with the vehicle and left his number for my friend to discuss it with her husband.

This is where it went slightly awry. My Friends friendly dog was around our feet and looked like she was paying attention to the Frenchman. He asked was there a problem with the dog because he could sense something! My friend proceeded to explain that unfortunately she has been unwell and a tumour has been discovered and she will be going to the vets for an operation. He asked if she would permit him to try something. She said, “sure go ahead”.


He didn’t touch the dog. She lay down by his feet and he held his hand over the area that my friend said a tumour was located. He said, ” the dog will start to close her eyes and after she may sleep for a bit”. My friend and I are stood on her driveway watching intently and looking at each other and saying silently to each other “what the hell??”

He sat there for around 3 minutes and then he shuddered, the dog started to close her eyes and lowered her head to the ground. We were astounded! He then threw his hands away from the dog and said he had to “cleanse” his hands but not wash them and proceeded to rub them in the grass. Said he had to discharge of the bad illness into the ground.

Now, you can imagine what we’re thinking! We’re both open to the idea of Reiki and Energy Healing as we’ve both had our experiences in the past but this was just plain bizarre!

He then said he would go and wait for my friend to call about the car. We walked into the house and just stood laughing at each other saying “What the hell just happened?”  The dog walked into the house and she normally follows my friend around and sits by us, waiting for attention and moans and chats an awful lot. This picture shows what happened next:


As I clicked she opened her eyes, but she was soundo for a good ten minutes!

C’est Bizarre!

Oh, and just for the record, the Heating Man never did show up! 🙂


Happy Birthday Bella

I was debating on two stories to share with you and then realised today is the day we took in our gorgeous Bella one year ago. So, as we’ve decided today is her birthday I’ll tell you a little bit about Bella.

A little bit of background first as to why we decided to adopt a dog from a  Rescue in France.  We lost our Lulu in 2016 to Rainbow Bridge, very suddenly due to aggressive cancer…Lulu was Mitzy’s Mum. She was such a character (as all our pets have been!)  one ear up and one ear down, but Lulu would smile at you everytime you talked to her …..21687717_10155169243044472_6343119018308293177_n

This left us heartbroken as it does to all of us when we lose a special member of the family. It also left Mitzy very very quiet and subdued.  We helped to foster a couple of dogs over the next year and each time Mitzy seemed to brighten up. So we decided on 21 October 2017 to go to Passerelles Animal Rescue for a visit.

After a couple of walks up and down the cages looking at the sad faces and waggy tails we were drawn towards a beautiful brown dog who just kept staring at Brian and when he walked away she would almost bend her head around the cage to find him!

We asked her story; apparently, she had been found wandering on the streets of Caen, no chip, no collar. She was young, they thought maybe 10 months old no more, and they believed she was an English Bull Terrier Cross with a Rhodesian Ridgeback!  as we have had Bull breeds in the past, we thought why not? Plus she had that Lulu look about her with one ear up and one down and just an adorable face 🙂


As you can see by the picture, she came home with us. We decided to call her Bella. Mitzy wasn’t too sure when she came in the house and just kept grumbling at her and hiding behind me! Bella just sat next to Brian watching this strange little white dog and looking to him for assurance.


She wasn’t quite house trained…..that was a little tough but she got it quite quickly. She is a very intelligent young lady. She has watched Mitzy when we make her sit and give her paw and Bella was very quick to learn that she got treats doing that! She wasn’t so good at coming to her name, so Brian used a clicker – guess what? She soon caught on and again, that clicker meant treats 🙂 She could however jump! She cleared the gate once or twice and ran off down the road – we managed to tempt her back each time and that was why the garden fence got higher! We guess that’s probably how she ended up roaming the streets, but why did no-one ever claim her?

She didn’t know how to play, Mitzy soon taught her the hang of that one – so much so that Bella now drags her along the hallway when they share the ragga, or down the garden when they play with the football.  Mitzy is very very verbal. She sounds like she’s gonna rip your head off if you play with a ragga or if she chases Bella and they roll around but she’s just being lairy ( British slang for behaving in a loud excitable manner!)  Mitzys nickname is Lairy Mary!! They are now inseparable and it feels like Bella has been here forever.



We bought Bella her own bed to match Mitzys…she loved it…..until she decided she had to kill it 🙂 This is the Bull Terrier side 🙂Screenshot_20181021-150542.png

yeah, yeah I know…there was a spider right? It had to die before I came home…she was doing me a favour! lol. So anyway we got them different beds which they loved…..


But, now they are inseparable ….Mitzy and her Sister from another Mista! They go everywhere together. If I move Mitzy follows me, Bella follows Mitzy. If we go to take the washing out to the garden to hang it out, they are there like little robots without fail. They like to charge around the garden but only when we’re with them. If we sit in the garden they just wanna sit too….

Bella loves the cat – obviously, we didn’t know if she’d even seen one let alone like one. Her and Skittles are best buddies, Mitzy still gives Skittles the Elvis curled lip when he passes but Bella likes to lick him to death.


And now they all share a bed..even though they all have separate beds. And I love that. I love the fact they all feel comfortable enough around each other. I love watching Bella roll on her back in her sleep with all four feet in the air – she feels secure. She loves everybody, children and animals alike (and she loves the sun on her face). And I know she feels loved because she absolutely adores cuddles….. everybody loves Bella too.


I have hundreds of pictures – so I won’t bore you but I wanted to share this happy dog story…Happy Birthday Bella, may you have many many more. IMG_20180506_231715_576.jpg

The Animals

I thought it might be a while before I did the introductions on the animals, but my hand has been forced!

We’ve always been a family of animal lovers. When I was 13 I was given a gorgeous white kitten for my birthday and he was deaf. Lucky was a very poorly kitty but with lots of love and attention (and Mum sitting with him all night) he made it to the grand old age of 16! From then on I guess I was hooked.

There have been numerous members of our furry family – all of them left us blessed to have them in our lives…Dweeb – The English Bull Terrier, Buster – The Staff, Cassie – The Rotty, Lulu – The Jack Russell…Marmalade & Belle the cats…to name a few. There’ll be many stories on them later.

To bring you up to present day, before I digress too much, we currently have Mitzy (nearly 7) she’s Lulu’s daughter, Bella (we rescued here in France last year – think she’s about 21 months)) they believe she’s a cross with an English Bull Terrier and Rhodesian Ridgeback and Skittles the cat (13).




Mitzy and Bella are best pals.  Although Mitzy can be quite a cantankerous old mare if she wants to be, Bella is soft and docile and loves her friend and her home. Skittles is an old man but he’s a scrapper. Every night he stays out, and almost every day he has a new nick in his neck, ear or fur missing. I’m guessing he’s either defending his territory or he’s just a bully! Either way, he’s set in his ways. Loves a cuddle every morning and sleeps all day.

So, yesterday evening the daughter came home with a sad story. She works on a farm and a cat had abandoned its kittens – you know what’s coming, don’t you?  She didn’t call and explain, she just turned up at 7.30pm and said her boss was going to kill it and its 3 siblings (sympathetic farmer that he is). She’d found homes for the 3 siblings but was left with the one. Amy is as soft as me and has always loved animals, so I couldn’t really blame her but you can imagine the chaos that ensued.

Mitzy heard the tiny meow and wanted to eat it and then just kept pestering to get at it – even when she was shut out of the room. Bella thought it was ok and wanted to wash it and Skittles hissed and jumped and ran!  I did all the introduce slowly stuff but no…not in our house. Fair enough, my animals are set in their ways and can’t work it out. I’m going to add a picture here – and if you’re as soft as me, you’ll look away 🙂


So, last night I was torn about whether or not to keep it and persevere but if any of you have seen my Facebook you will see my head took over my heart! She needs to be found a home………. until next time 🙂