Was I dreaming?

Dream : (noun) Imaginary event seen in the mind while sleeping  🙂


Amy called me the other day and said in a very resolute manner: “remind me to never have kids!” Well, I just laughed and asked why she was so adamant in her statement. She proceeded to tell me that there was a particular cow on the farm where she works that was driving her slightly insane. Now, anyone who knows Amy knows how passionate she is about her cows so it did make me giggle. Apparently, the cow just kept following Amy and every time Amy tried to talk or do something the cow was “mooing” constantly.


(Picture courtesy of Amy Marshall Photography – I love it!)

Apologies, digressing here! Whilst we were talking on the phone, the cow was making a lot of noise and every time Amy made the same noise back, it was as though the cow had to have the last word. Amy said, “I imagine this is what it’s like having kids and if it is I am sorry Mum!”  – the word Karma springs to mind 😉

Fast forward to Halloween – the first year without Amy at home,  so I lit a candle in her little Pumpkin candle holder she made last year and sent her a pic and said we missed her. We had 5 little Trick or Treaters on the door and that was it – a quiet night in front of the tv.



I duly turned in for the night around 11pm and found I couldn’t sleep, I was turning over several times – no reason in my head – just couldn’t rest. Eventually dropped off just after midnight. I was in a lovely deep sleep when I started to dream…….. it went like this:

Brian and Amy were going around the village with Trick or Treaters and a baby brown and white COW!!!! Holy cow – what on earth did I eat before bed???? It didn’t stop there! They came up to our front door and they were all talking at once including the cow and I was trying to tell them I couldn’t hear them over the noise of the cow but they weren’t listening!

Now, have you ever had a dream in which the phone was ringing and when you woke up the actual phone WAS ringing??? Well, there was no phone, just Brian snoring very deeply!


Sweet Dreams Everyone 🙂





C’est Bizarre!

C’est  Bizarre ! I have learned over the many years here in France that this is a phrase they use for most things unexplained, daft or otherwise – I have a story to tell you 🙂

Yesterday I went to visit a friend and to help her sort out some paperwork. Now, as usual, when I visit this particular friend, nothing ever goes smoothly! She won’t mind me saying it either! We have loads of stories to tell you that’ll make you laugh and shout “incroyable” but we’ll save them for another day 🙂

turned off macbook pro near a cup of coffee
Photo by Aleksandar Cvetanović on Pexels.com

So, there we are….Me on the telephone yabbering away in French to help sort this problem and we’re awaiting the arrival of a French Artisan to look at her heating system when a French guy turns up at the door. All smiles, She opens the door and says in French “you’re here for the heating?” “No,” he says, “I’m here to look at the car you have for sale!”


OK? I hear you ask, so what’s the problem there? Well, she hasn’t advertised her car for sale, but it has been sitting there a while and she was thinking of advertising it!  Hence, the conversation and inspection of the said car. Nothing abnormal there then I guess?

No, you’re correct in your thinking – the nice Frenchman then progressed to say how polite we were and that he was very happy to make our acquaintance. Hmm, smarmy Frenchman you’re all thinking! Was he trying to get a better price? Nope. He seemed pretty genuine. He was chatting away about how some French people take advantage of the English but that was not his intention and he complimented us on our French. He was happy with the vehicle and left his number for my friend to discuss it with her husband.

This is where it went slightly awry. My Friends friendly dog was around our feet and looked like she was paying attention to the Frenchman. He asked was there a problem with the dog because he could sense something! My friend proceeded to explain that unfortunately she has been unwell and a tumour has been discovered and she will be going to the vets for an operation. He asked if she would permit him to try something. She said, “sure go ahead”.


He didn’t touch the dog. She lay down by his feet and he held his hand over the area that my friend said a tumour was located. He said, ” the dog will start to close her eyes and after she may sleep for a bit”. My friend and I are stood on her driveway watching intently and looking at each other and saying silently to each other “what the hell??”

He sat there for around 3 minutes and then he shuddered, the dog started to close her eyes and lowered her head to the ground. We were astounded! He then threw his hands away from the dog and said he had to “cleanse” his hands but not wash them and proceeded to rub them in the grass. Said he had to discharge of the bad illness into the ground.

Now, you can imagine what we’re thinking! We’re both open to the idea of Reiki and Energy Healing as we’ve both had our experiences in the past but this was just plain bizarre!

He then said he would go and wait for my friend to call about the car. We walked into the house and just stood laughing at each other saying “What the hell just happened?”  The dog walked into the house and she normally follows my friend around and sits by us, waiting for attention and moans and chats an awful lot. This picture shows what happened next:


As I clicked she opened her eyes, but she was soundo for a good ten minutes!

C’est Bizarre!

Oh, and just for the record, the Heating Man never did show up! 🙂



It’s Sunday… just felt I should write something to maybe get people to reflect a little.

We have had a nice couple of days, talking, laughing and reminiscing with family. And I got to thinking quite deeply about life after seeing someone who has been diagnosed with Vascular dementia –  don’t worry I’m not gonna scare you all off with some deep and meaningful “What’s the meaning of life” speech 🙂

I put myself in their shoes and looked at the world differently and it made me sad to think how people are treated when people don’t take the time to stop and listen and look at things from a different perspective, that’s all.

I have had my own Mental Health demons in the past but I am lucky, and I know I am lucky. But I could not imagine the pain of trying to fight with the mind trying to remember things and people …it’s bad enough when I have a brain block (and yes I can hear my friend saying -“it’s your hormones! we’re at THAT time of life! – she knows who she is!)

sunset hands love woman
Photo by Stokpic on Pexels.com

Be Kind, for everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about”


Quite a powerful statement don’t you think?  Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂