Was I dreaming?

Dream : (noun) Imaginary event seen in the mind while sleeping  🙂


Amy called me the other day and said in a very resolute manner: “remind me to never have kids!” Well, I just laughed and asked why she was so adamant in her statement. She proceeded to tell me that there was a particular cow on the farm where she works that was driving her slightly insane. Now, anyone who knows Amy knows how passionate she is about her cows so it did make me giggle. Apparently, the cow just kept following Amy and every time Amy tried to talk or do something the cow was “mooing” constantly.


(Picture courtesy of Amy Marshall Photography – I love it!)

Apologies, digressing here! Whilst we were talking on the phone, the cow was making a lot of noise and every time Amy made the same noise back, it was as though the cow had to have the last word. Amy said, “I imagine this is what it’s like having kids and if it is I am sorry Mum!”  – the word Karma springs to mind 😉

Fast forward to Halloween – the first year without Amy at home,  so I lit a candle in her little Pumpkin candle holder she made last year and sent her a pic and said we missed her. We had 5 little Trick or Treaters on the door and that was it – a quiet night in front of the tv.



I duly turned in for the night around 11pm and found I couldn’t sleep, I was turning over several times – no reason in my head – just couldn’t rest. Eventually dropped off just after midnight. I was in a lovely deep sleep when I started to dream…….. it went like this:

Brian and Amy were going around the village with Trick or Treaters and a baby brown and white COW!!!! Holy cow – what on earth did I eat before bed???? It didn’t stop there! They came up to our front door and they were all talking at once including the cow and I was trying to tell them I couldn’t hear them over the noise of the cow but they weren’t listening!

Now, have you ever had a dream in which the phone was ringing and when you woke up the actual phone WAS ringing??? Well, there was no phone, just Brian snoring very deeply!


Sweet Dreams Everyone 🙂






Lost & Found

Have you ever got to a point in your life where you’ve felt a little bit lost? I mean lost as in what am I doing? Where am I going in life? What shall I do next? Am I in the right place for this time of my life? Have I got it right so far?

I’ve always been one who worried (notice past tense) about what people thought, how I should live my life according to others. Not intentionally. Moving to France and not having a job dented me a little too. ( I have always worked) I felt I had forgotten to be me. I tried to be self employed but I didn’t enjoy it and thereby lost all the self confidence I used to have. A lot of tears and mixed emotions occurred during this time and I wasn’t sure how to fix it.

I think the turning point was my big birthday last year along with the sudden passing of my sister-in-law ( big shock to all, she was far too young). Why was I living with all that worry? Life’s too short and there’s only one person who can turn things around and that’s me.

I applied for a job last September to clean two large gîte properties. (I do have a couple of little holiday homes I look after but they’re not busy all the time). They’re gîtes with a bit of luxury… swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym. It’s been a better year for me because I have enjoyed going out to work and being myself. So much so, it’s progressed a bit where I now assist with the Admin and help come up with ideas for when it’s quiet on the rental side. I’ve managed to find my admin head again along with my telephone voice and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Feel I found myself again. That’s why my blog has been quiet..planning a Salon du Mariage – Wedding Fayre this Sunday. It’s been a mixture of highs and lows..a challenge too organising with the French…not the easiest of breeds to organise 🙂

For now I have found me again 😊